Too many cars . And too old and polluting . We have to start from here if we really want to make everyone, citizens and administrations, a step forward on urban sustainability or even, simplest, about the smog that poisons our cities and our lives: 70,000 premature deaths in Italy for smog , according to updated data from the European Environment Agency. Italians have more than 600 cars per 1,000 inhabitants (almost one each), much more than the Germans, (under the threshold of 500 cars) that are certainly not poorer and less affectionate to the car of us, and the average of the countries Europeans (475). And we have 4.5 million Euro 0 cars, that is old and polluting : they represent more than 11.6 percent of the fleet.

 Smog in Italy, we are in full emergency. And we risk a fine of 1 billion euros from Europe

With these numbers we will never have cleaner cities , in the air as in the streets. We will continue to waste money on management, maintenance (and repairs), as well as fuel, insurance, parking and fines. And we will continue to waste health , given that if our fleet was renewed, we would have 80 percent less poison in the air. Does it seem cheap? On the other hand, if you look at the taxisof the most modern Italian metropolis, I speak of Milan, you realize that today anyone wants to change a car, the first thing he chooses (also to reduce costs as well as poisons) is an advanced technology in terms of fighting smog, as in the case of the hybrid engine. The private car exchange, to the benefit of less polluting models that are useful to the community, should be incentivized and helped with continuity. If we want to reduce costs and pollution, renouncing the use of cars in the city, and in any case changing them if old and polluting, we must also, as citizens, raise their voices, shout, to our public administrations our requests. You can not ask anyone to give up the car in the city, then wait an hour for a bus (other old and polluting means that poison us). You can not boast credentials from mayors and green councilors, and then keep on foot cycle paths where you risk your skin. You can not continue to circulate at high speed, moved by the usual and dangerous rush, almost always unmotivated, as if we were on the highway: you need more areas at 30 kilometers per hour, as is happening throughout the Western world. Find more information about covers check out a cover for car for car protection.


The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo , is continuing to close parts of the city to the traffic of cars, and meanwhile, while trying to improve the offer of public transport and private vehicles shared with the various offers of sharing (they have become fashionable, in France, small electric scooters), has promised to reach 1,400 kilometers of cycle paths . Only in Paris, where, with regard to overheating and pollution, climatologists predict, by 2050, temperatures up to 50 degrees. Not everything Hidalgo does to reduce the use of the car, it works: I was more than once trapped in the traffic in Paris, as if you close a piece of road, for example the sliding along the Seine on the right bank, in the absence of good habits (of the citizens) and of good alternatives (offered by the municipal administration) they paralyze, with a gas chamber effect, other areas and other streets of the city.

The best electric cars on the market (photos). The new models are advancing, and prices are falling

Returning to Italy, and waiting for the Marshall plan to finance the new means of local transport, on which Minister Graziano Delrio is pushing, is something more than a pleasant announcement, I think it is time to make the fight against the smog and for the new mobility (of all and for all) a pivot of our modern citizenship. I really liked the citizens who protested with the flash mob and masks in Milan, in front of Palazzo Marino: I hope they can grow and multiply all over Italy. I like even more, in the South, less ahead of the North, on the change of pace in lifestyles, the people of Bari who, after the initial protests, shared the idea of pedestrianizing some roads.of the city: meanwhile, with regard to the Marshall plan on transport and easy announcements, I read that the mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, and also president of Anci, to modernize his bus fleet, all he could do, in lack of funds, it was buying old buses from Friuli Venezia Giulia.


The mayor of Paris calls for a European pact , among the cities , to carry forward these policies: it is necessary because precious money must come from Europe, that common and individual countries, like Italy, obsessed with public debt, do not have. But it also serves that the mayors complain less and push more government and regions to invest in the fight against smog : moreover, if they are really good, mayors are also able to find the money to improve their services. Maybe by cutting some public waste of municipal spending. And above all, we need all of us to convince ourselves of a coherent line to follow: while we must raise our voice for the “gentle revolution” of mobility(What a beautiful dream, let’s cultivate it!), it is also advisable to lower the speed and use of the car, which is still used in 70% of cases for small trips. After all, to go shopping or to visit a friend who lives in our neighborhood, it is not absolutely essential to turn on an engine and consume petrol.


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The batteries allow a maximum range of about 290-300 Km (depending on the wheels mounted) measured in the old NEDC tests and 235-255 in the new WLTP cycle. The autonomy in real use is given in 200 Km. In terms of consumption, these measured with the NEDC cycle, indicate about 13.6 kWh per 100 Km. One kWh of electricity in Italy costs an average of 25 cents. So travel 100 km costs about 3 euros. The BMW i3s pushes more, literally. Because here the engine has 135 kW / 184 horsepower and the torque rises to 270 Nm. Acceleration 0-100 in 6.9 seconds, top speed 160 km / h. The autonomy is 280 km NEDC, 235-245 km WLTP and 200 real. Energy consumption 14.3 kWh per 100 Km. The range extender is a twin cylinder of 650 cc and 38 horses that can increase the autonomy of another 150 km. The BMW i3s therefore knows how to deliver performance that matches a real BMW; the delivery of the typical torque of electric motors, all at once, gives accelerations worthy of cars with much higher power. Also on a dynamic level there are no uncertainties, despite the crossover shape. In the meantime, because the batteries placed at the bottom of the floor lower the car’s center of gravity considerably; then because the dynamic stability control has been optimized, calibrated to provide a faster response from the traction control. The reactivity of all the components is brought to the top by selecting the Sport mode from the appropriate button on the center console. Of course, since it is an electric car, it is necessary to adapt your driving style. During urban driving the engine brake effect when the accelerator is released is very intense; at low speeds it is almost equivalent to braking, so you have to get used to it. In such situations the battery recharges thanks to the conversion of kinetic energy into electricity, which otherwise would be wasted turning into heat. Furthermore, one must “take the hand” even if there is no exchange, not necessary in these forms of propulsion. Using the accelerator in a rational way it is possible to conserve the charge for a long time, even managing to have fun when the road allows it. Regarding recharging, the domestic wall-box supplied by BMW allows the batteries to be supplied in three hours with sufficient energy to travel about 180 km.

Not just wire-free vacuum cleaners , hi-tech hairdryers and single-function fans : Dyson is preparing to revolutionize the electric car market with a range of zero-emission vehicles entirely designed and built by the team headed by the British entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who about two and a half years ago decided to embark on a path that is certainly difficult, but just as intriguing: pour out a wealth of know-how in terms of technology and design (strictly linked to functionality) from the household appliance sector in another market segment , that of today’s most complex industrial products: cars. The aces in Mr. Dyson’s sleeve? Definitely a strong brand , an investment of 2 billion pounds and a team of over 400 engineers and designers who have been working non-stop for more than 36 months in view of the start of production of the first car signed Dyson. Speaking of production, the choice of the very ingenious entrepreneur seemed obvious, but not: the United Kingdom, because of the unknown Brexit, is today an insidious terrain for anyone who decides to produce goods for export. The solution is called Singapore , an area in which innovation and technology are combined with a strategic geographical proximity with Asian customers (China is and will remain the world’s first market for electric vehicles for a long time) and with a production system fully functional. Without forgetting that here Dyson already produces electric motors for its own appliances giving work to over 1,100 people … According to Automotive News Europe , the Singapore production plant will be ready in 2020, when it will begin production of the first units of an electric car of which we still know very few details (initially limited production, good performance but not sports and batteries in solid state ). The commercial launch of Dyson’s electric will take place in 2021.

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